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Harboring Crime II

The Richmond Redevelopment and Housing Authority is the largest landlord in the city.  Aside from some 400+ smaller properties, it rents 3449 subsidized housing units in six major developments:
Development Units
Creighton Court 504
Fairfield Court 447
Gilpin Court 783
Hillside Court 402
Mosby Court 458
Whitcomb Court 447

This (taxpayer financed) organization has been terribly mismanaged.  At the same time, this organization that is created to provide decent, safe, and affordable housing for our less affluent citizens has been harboring crime and threatening the well-being of its clients and all the citizens of Richmond. 

In the past, several megabytes of this Web site were devoted to the malign effects of RRHA and its Director.  Fortunately for us all, the Director retired in early 2004.  Even more fortunately, the RRHA Board replaced him the following month with Sheila Hill-Christian.

I am an unreconstructed admirer of Ms. Hill-Christian.  She sustained that admiration with some major improvements at RRHA.  For example, as of March, 2005, RRHA started with the kinds of physical improvements it will need to take control of its property.  But then she went to bureaucrat's Heaven: In May, 2006, Gov. Kaine appointed her as Director of the Lottery.  (In October, 2007, Ms. Hill-Christian left the lottery to become Mayor Wilder's Chief of Staff, for a while, but that is another story).

The news since then is not good.


High Taxes | High Crime | Lousy Schools | Obdurate Bureaucrats

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