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Richmond is a member of the Council of the Great City Schools

The Council is a coalition of sixty-one of America's largest urban public school systems.  Members include New York, Atlanta, Boston, and Dallas.  The Virginia members are Norfolk and Richmond.

In December, 2003, the Council completed a 109 page report titled "Charting a New Course for the Richmond Public Schools" to summarize the findings and recommendations of the Council's Strategic Support Teams that visited Richmond during 2003.

Appendix A to the report presents the average scores given Richmond by the curriculum and instructional Strategic Support Team on a series of criteria developed by the Council to benchmark school districts against the practices and characteristics of faster-improving urban school systems.

The short answer: Richmond got a D-minus from this friendly grader.

The Richmond School Board got an F on Board cohesion, focus on policy issues, focus on academic issues, and initial vision.  It got an F for focus on student achievement.

In all, the Council rated Richmond on fifty-seven criteria.  The low grade was F; the high grade was C.  The average grade was D-.

The details are on another page.

When the Richmond system gets a "D-" from an organization of which it is a member, could the grade from an impartial observer be anything but an "F"? 

The best thing this friendly grader could say about our Superintendent is that she is "committed to the city and the school system."

Is it any wonder the Richmond Schools are a menace to the children of the City?


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